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(high quality home decoration, Cartier doors and windows) the space outside the doors and windows is public, while the space inside the doors and windows is private. It can be seen that doors and windows also play a role of separation. Therefore, some people call it "when the door is closed, it is home and the world". However, the significance of doors and windows is not just that. Good doors and windows are unforgettable and impressive at first sight. Even indoor doors can add different feelings to each room of the room. Between opening and closing, residents can experience the beauty within reach. Therefore, creative doors and windows can make the house full of personality, so the window decoration should not be sloppy. So how to decorate the windows

doors and windows The lighting design of can't be ignored: light has a strong and subtle impact on human beings, especially natural light, which is of great help to our body and mind

the decoration design of doors and windows is very important: the function of doors and windows is not only "looking", but also more important ventilation, heat preservation and sealing performance. A reasonable door and window design scheme plays a vital role in the room, on the other hand, it also strengthens air circulation; The floating window design is a popular design in recent years, which increases the indoor practical area and makes the room more open, which is worth advocating

doors and windows Decoration should pay attention to Collocation: choosing door and window accessories is both practical and beautiful. From an aesthetic point of view, the clever collocation of patterns, textures and tones can create a different style of living environment. When matching elegant and multifunctional decoration, doors and windows will become more than just "eyes that let the scenery into the house"




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