Toilet decoration taboo of Feng Shui decoration

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Bathroom decoration is also indispensable in our home. Bathroom is the most polluted place in the family and the fundamental place of sewage discharge. Therefore, the Feng Shui taboo of bathroom decoration has a very serious impact on financial health. If the design of your bathroom is unreasonable, it will seriously affect your financial health. Then, let's introduce the taboos of toilet decoration in Feng Shui decoration

1. The bathroom should not be opened in the center of the house. There are two reasons for this statement: according to “ Luo Shu ” The central genus “ Soil ”, If the bathroom is in the middle of the house, then “ Soil conquers water ” It's bad luck because of your problems. The center of the house is as important as the heart of a person. The bathroom will look nondescript there, which is not only unsightly, but also against the way of Feng Shui

2. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom should not be opened in the south. Because of the South “ Fire ” Gas weight, and “ Moisture ” Heavy sanitary ware is incompatible with water and fire, so it is unlucky

3. The bathroom should be ventilated. It's not enough to just keep clean. The toilet and bathroom should be ventilated frequently to let fresh air flow in and blow away the dirty air in the toilet. Therefore, the window or air window in the toilet should be opened frequently in order to absorb more fresh air

4. The bathroom should not be opened in the southwest or northeast. The bathroom focuses on the incoming and outgoing water, and the moisture is very heavy. If it is opened in the southwest or northeast, there will be “ Soil conquers water ” It is unlucky that the disease occurs, especially for the health of family members

5. The bathroom should not be changed into a bedroom. In terms of geomantic omen, the bathroom is regarded as an unclean place, which should be opened in the evil side to suppress the evil star, so it is not suitable for the bedroom to be adjacent to the bathroom, not to mention changing the bathroom into a bedroom. And from the perspective of environmental sanitation, it is not suitable, because although the bathroom on your own floor is changed into a bedroom, it is not so upstairs or downstairs. In this way, your bedroom on your own floor is sandwiched between the bathroom on the upper and lower floors, which is quite embarrassing. In addition, if there is sewage leakage in the bathroom upstairs, the people sleeping under it will bear the brunt, which is not in line with environmental hygiene

6. The bathroom should always be kept clean. The bathroom is just like the geomantic ancient books called “ Out of filth ” Therefore, great attention should be paid to sanitation, otherwise it is easy to breed germs

7. The bathroom should be hidden. Because the bathroom is considered to be a relatively dirty and private place, it should not be too eye-catching. The toilet door should not be aligned with the door. The two are in a straight line, which is not only unsightly, but also against the way of Feng Shui. Feng Shui believes that this will lead to diseases, especially malignant tumors. Even if the bathroom is not directly facing the door, it should not be located in the eye-catching place

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