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With the development of science and technology, smart home products will replace traditional manual products. Among them, the intelligent toilet is welcomed by the majority of users. The quality of smart products in the market is uneven, so what about the smart toilet ring matched with the smart toilet? Do you know anything about smart toilet ring? Do you know the functions of intelligent toilet rings? Now let's introduce the relevant knowledge of intelligent toilet ring

before buying a smart toilet ring, many people will want to know what are the buying skills of smart toilet rings, so that they can use these skills to buy practical and reassuring smart toilet rings. After buying the smart toilet ring, people will want to know how to install the smart toilet ring, so as to install the smart toilet ring quickly and well. Since you want to know about the relevant knowledge of smart toilet rings, you might as well follow me to learn about it

intelligent toilet ring function

warm air drying function: blow dry the residual water droplets

nozzle self-cleaning function: perform the nozzle cleaning procedure

self cleaning, deodorization and power saving: Eradicate infected dirt

washing with water is cleaner: washing with water replaces hand washing

maintain obese people and the elderly, especially stroke, hypertension and obesity patients, and deal with all kinds of questions

it is important to clean the anus and perineum during pregnancy or postpartum, and assist postpartum recovery

low light level lighting function: it allows you to avoid using the lights

when approaching the toilet, take the initiative to open it. When leaving the toilet, take the initiative to close it

smart toilet ring brand

smart toilet ring — Toto

well known bathroom brands are developing in a diversified direction. They use electrolytic water technology, have a wide range of service outlets, and have a 3-year quality warranty, so they can be used at ease

intelligent toilet ring — Wrigley

is a well-known trademark in China with quality assurance. You can buy it at ease

intelligent toilet ring — Weiwei

is a famous brand in China and one of the most famous smart Sanitary Ware brands in Shanghai

intelligent toilet ring — Panasonic

Japanese multinational companies have three series of products that can be washed freely and independent of each other. Automatic power saving mode and leakage detection function are adopted to ensure product safety

intelligent toilet ring — Kohler

the top brand in the United States, with high cost performance, product quality and after-sales reassure consumers

purchasing skills of intelligent toilet ring

1. The patent certificate is the best first proof

2. The electricity charge of high-quality products is very low

3. Pay attention to the intelligent toilet ring filter device. Reduce the infection rate of users

4. Choosing a trustworthy brand can avoid a lot of trouble

how to install the smart toilet ring

1. Remove the body fixing plate, fix it on the toilet with screws, align it with the card slot, press and fix it, and then conduct power on commissioning

2. Yes “ Pairing ” The size of the toilet is as clear as the palm of your hand to ensure that there are no problems in the later installation

3. Reserve special water pipes

editor's summary: the above is an introduction to the relevant knowledge of the purchase skills and installation methods of intelligent toilet rings. I hope it can help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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