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Shopping is cost-effective, so is decorating the house. In fact, there are traces of saving decoration costs. Starting from several major directions, we can save costs to the point. Now let's take a look at the suggestions of insiders of the municipal decoration industry association to understand what can be saved and what can't be saved during decoration. Let you spend the least money to install a satisfactory house

◆ decoration saves money. There are many details

when decorating, the biggest principle of saving money is practicality &mdash& mdash; Important basic projects should be focused on investment, and later accessories, lighting, curtain fabric, etc. can choose products with relatively low prices. Such items are updated quickly. Even if the best products are not used at the initial stage of decoration, it is very easy to update them in the future

in the construction process, some small steps also have an impact on the saving of decoration costs. For example, industry insiders said that some workers did not make overall planning when cutting plates to save trouble, resulting in waste of large plates. In addition, because some wood floors and other decoration materials are calculated based on the amount of decoration used, workers may deliberately waste in order to increase measurement during construction. If indoor wood products need to be customized on site, workers should make them from large to small, first make large parts such as wardrobe, bookcase and TV cabinet, and then make small parts such as shoe cabinet and clothes rack. This can save a lot of boards, and the leftover materials from making large wooden products can also be used to make partitions and drawers of small furniture

if some waste can be eliminated in decoration, it is realistic to save 10% - 20% of the cost. Insiders said that, for example, the use of light materials for room wall separation materials can reduce costs; Customized cabinets, reasonable use of pull baskets; The indoor structure transformation shall be carried out according to the design drawings, and it is not allowed to change it casually; When paving tiles on the balcony of the house, check whether waterproof materials have been painted to avoid hollowing, rework, etc

it is worth noting that if you hire a designer during decoration, you should communicate with the designer at any time. Before purchasing building materials, the designer should be consulted about the brand, style, color, etc. of building materials

◆ save money to save the place

insiders remind owners to avoid blindly saving money in decoration, especially some basic projects. If the cost is blindly reduced, it is likely to bring future problems to future use and maintenance, and even lead to rework. Important basic projects, such as the waterway, circuit transformation and wall treatment of the room, should be in place in one step

specifically, pipes, waterproof materials and ceramic tiles used in waterway reconstruction should be made of high-quality materials. Once the pipeline leaks, the waterproof layer is damaged and seeps, and the tiles bulge and fall off, the maintenance will involve large-area construction, which will bring inconvenience to the daily life of family members. Especially for some second-hand houses, if the hydropower system is relatively old, it should focus on the transformation of the hydropower system. The circuit load of the old house is often insufficient. If the reserved potential and circuit load are insufficient in order to save money at the initial stage of decoration, it is very difficult to add high-power appliances in the future, and it needs to be re slotted and wired

socket is also a part that cannot be ignored in circuit transformation, so we must pay attention to selecting it well in decoration. Insiders said that the copper plate in the socket is very important, and the copper plate of the socket with good quality is relatively smooth; The poor quality will easily lead to delamination of the plastic wire, and eventually short circuit, which will bring unnecessary damage to household appliances

in addition, the walls of some second-hand houses adopt non water resistant putty at the base because of the old civil engineering. If you paint the wall directly in order to save costs, after decoration for a period of time, the wall skin will fall off and crack in a large area, affecting the indoor beauty. Therefore, such walls need to be thoroughly treated during decoration to avoid the troublesome problems of finished product protection and indoor construction caused by wall cracking and repair

◆ learn to calculate the amount of materials used

accurately calculate the area of each room space before decoration, understand the actual area of the room, and roughly understand the amount of materials used. You can save money when signing contracts, purchasing building materials, and accepting and paying. According to insiders, the area of the measurement room can be divided into walls, floors, roofs, doors, windows and other parts. Among them, the measurement of door and window area is more convenient. If the construction team only needs to paint the wall or lay wallpaper, we must ask whether the door and window area needs to be deducted

it should be noted that when calculating the wall area, the material is different, and the calculation method is also different. For example, the use area of paint and wallpaper is calculated by multiplying the length by the height and the area is square meters. Length refers to the net length of the main wall; The height can be divided into two cases: if there is no dado, it is from the indoor ground to the top, and if there is a dado, it is from the top of the dado to the top; If there is a ceiling on the top surface, the height of the ceiling should be deducted. When calculating the top area, it is also necessary to ask whether to deduct the area of the partition wall, beams and columns passing through the top

◆ half package method saves expenses

there are three ways of decoration, namely, clear package, full package and half package. According to industry insiders, clearing the package is also called clearing the work, which refers to a project contracting method in which the owner purchases all materials by himself and finds a decoration company or decoration team to construct. Due to the wide variety of decoration materials and prices, some people are worried that others may make profits by buying materials on behalf of others, so some decoration households use the decoration form of buying materials by themselves and only including cleaning. For the owner, the advantages of this method are: large degree of freedom and control. Choosing materials by oneself can fully reflect his will. By visiting the market, you can have an intuitive understanding of the types, prices and performance of decoration materials. Relatively speaking, the cost is relatively low, and you can choose materials according to your economic ability

and full contracting is also called contracting labor and materials, which means that the construction party is responsible for all material procurement and construction. Its advantages are relatively time-saving, labor-saving and worry-free, and its responsibilities and rights are relatively clear; Once there is a quality problem in the decoration, the responsibility of the decoration company cannot be shirked, because they are responsible for the labor and materials. Its disadvantage is high cost; If some enterprises lack integrity, falsely report prices, or work together with material dealers to deceive the owners, and the owners know little about the price and types of decoration materials, it is difficult to identify

half package is between clear package and full package, that is, the construction party is responsible for the construction and the purchase of auxiliary materials, and the owner purchases the main materials. Its advantage is that the main materials with high value can be purchased by themselves, which can control the cost of the bulk; The auxiliary materials with complex types and low value are purchased by the construction party, which is also more worry-free. Remember when choosing the main material &mdash& mdash; Don't be dazzled. At present, there are many good things in the home decoration market. If these things are purchased at one time in a short time, the economic pressure will be great. Therefore, when purchasing materials, you must set a price in advance, and then select materials according to the predetermined price. If the price exceeds the budget too much, it is best not to buy such materials

insiders remind owners that home decoration should not be too complicated as far as possible, and it is best to achieve the effect of simplicity. There are too many things, which may feel very fresh at the beginning; But this is not only a waste of money, but also a long time will feel very cumbersome, there is a sense of chaos. Under the guidance of work pressure, unconscious will produce boredom




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