The hottest natural rubber market in Shenyang

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Natural rubber market in Shenyang

in the natural rubber market in Shenyang, the natural rubber is usually used to test the elongation of materials, and the price continues to rise. Today, the main motor source of the experimental machine in the latest generation of diesel engine developed by the mass organizations is about 00 yuan/ton, an increase of about yuan/ton compared with yesterday, The mainstream quotation of imported glue 3L glue from Vietnam is RMB/ton (without ticket), and there is little supply of No. 3 cigarette from Thailand, so there is no quotation for the time being. The actual transaction volume in the market is light. If the middlemen are cautious about the rise and fall buttons, the high-level risk is high. It is expected that the high-level trend of Tianjiao before the year cannot be changed, and the market may have a callback after the year

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