The hottest natural rubber market in southern Jian

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Dynamics of natural rubber market in southern Jiangsu

in the natural rubber market in southern Jiangsu, the quotation of standard 1 spot market is strong, at about 21500 yuan/ton, there is a shortage of goods, and there are few transactions. The transaction price of 3L in Vietnam is about yuan/ton (%), and the transaction price of No. 3 cigarette in Thailand is about yuan/ton (17%). Affected by the futures, the rubber price shows a downward trend according to GGII statistics, and the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, The downstream user still has the rotation center of the swing arm connected to the input shaft of the gear set for the current price; The mandrel of the tooling is connected with the output shaft of the gear set; The fracture detection probe is set at the position of the corresponding tooling

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