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In 2019, in the exploration of American life, Kaiyang wooden door gradually reached a completely different modern urban side. Add bright colors to break the single dull feeling; Or paint gold in bright metallic color to add a sense of modern light luxury

although various styles are in full bloom in the field of home decoration design today, it is undeniable that with the rise of minimalism, "simple and beautiful style" has entered people's vision and become the first choice of American style lovers

tracing back to the origin, Jane beauty style actually evolved from American style, and there are six reasons why Jane beauty style can become a favorite of fashion

in terms of tone, the simple and beautiful style abandons the traditional American style of dullness and solemnity, and replaces it with simple and fresh warm tone, which makes the overall feeling brighter and warmer

in terms of layout, the biggest feature of simple and beautiful style is to simplify various decoration elements to a minimum, so the overall look will be very simple and atmospheric. The calm and casual atmosphere of the space is the unique humanistic fashion of Americans

in terms of function, Jane Meifeng pays special attention to simplicity and practicality, and advocates open design and integrated design, which coincides with modern people's pursuit of a simple lifestyle

on the wall, whether it is the dado or the gypsum line, it is a common decoration element in the current simple and beautiful style. The simple and lively lines break the monotony of the wall and outline the hierarchical beauty; At the same time, it will not be too complex, which makes people relaxed and comfortable visually

on the ceiling, due to the floor height of domestic houses, the traditional American complex ceiling will appear inappropriate. Instead, simple flat roof and partial ceiling designs are used, and at most some gypsum lines are used to outline the top level

in terms of soft decoration, Jane Meifeng retains the classic elements of American style, such as retro American ceiling, decorative fireplace, retro floor tiles, geometric patterns, etc., while adding modern elements such as metal, mirror, marble, etc., which are retro, light and luxurious, exquisite and atmospheric

in 2019, kaiyangmumen gradually reached a completely different modern urban side in the exploration of American life:

add bright colors to break the single dull feeling

or paint gold in bright metallic color to add a modern sense of light luxury

or innovate with marble, mirror, wood grain mosaic and other materials to integrate texture and vitality

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