How to install aluminum alloy doors and windows

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How to install aluminum alloy doors and windows editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

aluminum alloy doors and windows are gradually used by the public, and every household continues to use aluminum alloy doors and windows, but if you do not pay attention in the process of installing aluminum alloy doors and windows, it may bring unnecessary influence to the public

first, the opening of the aluminum alloy window should be horizontal and vertical, and the outer frame and the opening should be elastically connected firmly. Never bury the outer frame directly into the wall

second, when combining horizontally and vertically, socket should be adopted, and lap to form a curved combination. The lap length should be 10mm, and sealed with sealing paste

third, when installing the sealing strip, there should be expansion allowance, which is generally 20 ~ 30mm longer than the assembly side of the window. The slope should be disconnected at the corner and pasted firmly with adhesive to avoid contraction joints

fourth, the gap between the window frame and the wall should be filled according to the design requirements. If there are no requirements in the design, we can prepare to use foaming materials to fill the gap layer by layer, leaving a 5 ~ 8mm deep notch on the surface of the gap and filling with sealing materials

fifth, after the installation of the window, the spray test should be carried out according to the relevant regulations to test its sealing performance. The installed window must have reliable rigidity. If necessary, reinforcement can be added, and anti-corrosion treatment should be done

pay attention to the above points to reduce the damage of aluminum alloy doors and windows and avoid unnecessary losses. Keep aluminum alloy doors and windows intact

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