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Yihe doors and windows always adheres to the service concept of "creating value with service", and only provides a healthy, safe, comfortable and happy home life for hundreds of millions of families around the world! Exclusive series sliding door, enjoy extraordinary

doors and windows have been an important part of human living environment since ancient times. Doors are a tool to cover people's entrance and exit of houses, and play a role of protection and cold protection at the same time. Window is an important facility for people to perceive the outside world. A good window can be warm in winter and cool in summer, dust-proof and sound insulation, and even affect people's mood. The choice of doors and windows determines your quality of life.

Yihe Zunxiang series sliding doors -------- your choice

excellence is a kind of quality enjoyment.

it solves the problems of doors and windows from the root. We achieve the integration of multiple safety protection such as waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation and energy saving, Just to improve your quality of life

maintain constant temperature and save energy

thermal insulation, Yihe fully protected doors and windows effectively block the heat transfer and exchange inside and outside the window. 0.8k energy-saving insulation, blocking about 80% of heat transfer and exchange, saving energy

advocating tranquility and enjoying a quiet life

we fill the glass with argon only to keep your family away from noise and enjoy a good time in leisure

process innovation waterproof easy

we use brand-new heat insulation strips, integrated guide grooves, high and low track design, integrated edge blocking and glue injection technology, only to protect your health and your family from rain Haze, dust, pollution hazards

each of our designs is only to help you better understand the beauty of life

1. Multi cavity structure design, high strength

2. Embedded structure, multi-channel sealing, good water tightness and air tightness

3. Increase the weighted lock point lock seat, high safety

4. Anti falling design, not easy to fall off

5. The frame guide groove and lock groove are designed together to increase the strength of the profile, High security

exclusive series sliding door

product color: fluorocarbon white, fluorocarbon black, fucan coffee, champagne gold, Brazilian mahogany Thai teak

Product Profile: the main profile is titanium magnesium silicon alloy

profile frame width: 114mm

profile fan width: 90mm

profile wall thickness: 1.5mm

sound insulation performance: 28dB

air tightness: Level 5

water tightness: Level 4

wind pressure resistance: Level 5

Yihe doors and windows always adhere to the service concept of "creating value with service", and only provide health, safety and comfortable Happy home life




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