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Curtain ・ wall cloth ・ wall background is like fish in water. New products are launched nationwide in July. Advanced customization is coming.

like the American home in common American movies,

there are pictures of family members in the corner,

there are balconies and small gardens that are not willing to give up,

there are open kitchens and laughter around the family,

there are bright bathrooms to remove fatigue

"American style" home furnishing is not only a style, but also an attitude to life

just like the American spirit of independence,

focuses on how to accumulate their own artistic inspiration and taste preferences through life experience

[American style]

American home is free, simple, nostalgic, practical and comfortable

mostly dark brown and earthy yellow

pursue rough atmosphere, natural and casual

it has a sense of culture and noble spirit,

it cannot lack a sense of freedom and sentiment

model name: sex and city - coffee

the city is full of high-rise buildings, lights and traffic, just like an image maze of various desires and temptations; Red, green, blue and yellow, like clusters of brilliant flowers, attract people to pursue

model name: sex and city - Grey a

in this lustful City, gallop wantonly, pursue the voice in the depths of your heart, explore the instinctive satisfaction in the depths of human nature, and enjoy the pleasure of conquering everything you want. Then, at home, savor it peacefully

model name: zither sound of fog city - gray

fantasy romantic fog city, thoughts like thin fingers, gently flick the unique curve of the water wave curtain, flow out of the ethereal zither sound, and reverberate in my ears. Just like American culture, elegant, noble, relaxed and free

model name: Wudu zither sound - gray

this new curtain, the main tone of gray and a small amount of yellow color matching, classic, elegant and versatile. Can be romantic, retro, gorgeous, with European, American, light luxury, etc. can express different amazement

style name: era symbol

each era has some unique symbols, such as bikini in the 1950s, bell bottomed pants in the 1970s, bohemian style in the 1990s, forest style, lazy and retro style now Times are changing and symbols are changing, but there is one thing that will not be eliminated. It symbolizes elegance, etiquette and status. This is the symbol of the times

style name: oxygen clearing space

the curtain with green and gray stitching is like the reappearance of all things in harmony in nature. Combined with the simple and elegant wall cloth, it brings infinite illusion to space. It's like a heart pounding love, which blooms gracefully and lights up the new fashion of home

model name: oxygen clearing space blue

blue sky, clear streams, fresh air, silently moisten our thin heart. Time is light, and a new day will always come as scheduled. Oxygen clearing space, in the noisy world, gives you and me a quiet space


fashionable, comfortable and tasteful

such as fish in the water high-end customization/curtain wall cloth wall background

let people all over the world love to go home more




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