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Why do many people choose to decorate in spring? What are the benefits of spring decoration? What should we pay attention to in spring decoration

spring is the season of home decoration market

why do many people choose to decorate in spring

what are the benefits of spring decoration

what should we pay attention to in spring decoration

today, baidebao board will tell you what you must know about spring decoration

six benefits of spring decoration

no.1 the temperature is moderate and suitable for operation

"the plan of a year lies in spring", which is not unreasonable. The temperature in spring is just good and very suitable for operation

it can not only avoid the hot temperature in summer, which makes workers prone to fatigue and irritability, but also avoid the dry and cold winter, and some places need heating to make workers work normally

no.2 is conducive to the paving of wall tiles and floor tiles

in spring, because its temperature and humidity are relatively moderate, it is conducive to the paving of floor tiles and wall tiles, and the quality will be relatively good. The paved wall and floor tiles will be relatively firm and not easy to bulge or fall off

no.3 the moisture content of wood is moderate

the climatic conditions in spring are conducive to controlling the moisture content of wood materials below 13%

if the moisture content of general wood exceeds this standard, the change of thermal expansion and cold contraction will be very obvious, which will affect the construction quality

note: when laying wooden floors in spring, it is necessary to ask the installation workers to leave enough expansion joints, so that when summer comes, the floor is not easy to warp, and attention should be paid to keeping the indoor air dry

no.4 coating has good adhesion

the temperature and humidity in spring are very moderate, which is conducive to air circulation. The coating dries faster than in summer. Generally, the construction period of three times of coating is three or four days shorter

wood products and gypsum products used in decoration in spring are not easy to deform and crack after completion

due to the appropriate temperature and humidity, the cement mortar for pasting ceramic tiles will also be pasted more firmly

the paint and emulsion paint painted during construction will play and dry faster, and the smoothness of painting will be better

when the wall is covered with putty and painted, wait until the bottom layer is dry, and then make the upper layer. When the wall is dry, brush it again. After roughening, wait until the brush is dry, and then stick bricks. The same is true for waterproof

no.5 decoration personnel are energetic

after the rest and relaxation of the Spring Festival holiday, the decoration company, designers and workers are energetic and energetic. In addition, spring is comfortable and energetic, and the decoration workers are more efficient, which can achieve both fast and good

no.6 saving decoration costs

spring is the hot season for decoration. Merchants will launch various preferential decoration packages, and consumers can choose to purchase according to their own conditions. These spring promotional activities can save a lot of expenses for decoration

the benefits of spring decoration are really many

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