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Public data shows that there are a large number of brands on sale in the domestic kitchen electricity market, far beyond washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions and other industries, and a large number of homogeneous products fill the kitchen electricity market. At the same time, with the rise of intelligent concept in recent years, many kitchen appliance brands are eager to launch intelligent products, but ignore the core needs of consumers

with regard to the upsurge of intelligent kitchen appliances, the head of Cohen kitchen appliances said that what users really need is not "intelligence" itself, but "better experience" that can meet the comprehensive needs. Intelligent technology is just a tool and way to achieve better experience. Enterprises cannot be intelligent for the sake of intelligence. Innovation is the first driving force of enterprise development. Cohen should innovate in order to meet the needs of users and improve the quality of life, and take whether it can bring practical experience to people as an important standard to measure the intelligent kitchen electric technology. Cohen hopes to inject more powerful development impetus into the enterprise with resonant innovation of products and experience

Cohen launched the new integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205, which innovatively adopts high-temperature steam technology, which can retain the delicious and nutritious food to the greatest extent, and effectively shorten the cooking time. The large steamer capacity, combined with the large steaming plate, can place multiple dishes at a time. In addition, the overheated steam can force out the oil in the food, which can ensure the freshness of the food and reduce the absorption of calories by the human body. At the same time, it integrates modern industrial technology, intelligent operation is simple and convenient, and kills the traditional steamer and electric steamer products on the market In addition, Cohen integrated stove "cloud steaming" d205 has a 99.9% smoke absorption rate, and the smoke is no more than face, and it can be sucked up and down the row. The unobstructed smoke path design makes the smoke exhaust smoother, and keeps the kitchen air fresh for a long time. You don't have to worry about the smoke flying, and it gives you a clean and tidy living environment. The 10 minute automatic cleaning function of heated oil completely separates the oil stains and keeps the wind turbine and flue clean. The built-in firewall function automatically cuts off the gas source and power supply when the inner cavity is on fire, so as to avoid safety accidents and make cooking simpler, more convenient and safer

with the upgrading of consumption, the competition in the kitchen electricity industry has risen from simple technological innovation to high-dimensional comprehensive innovation. In addition to promoting product iteration through innovation, Cohen has always emphasized the infiltration of China's excellent food culture into products, paying attention to user needs, and developing products that truly "understand" users. Just having good products is not enough for customers to get the ultimate use experience. In the future, Cohen will continue to build beyond the product itself, provide a healthy, environmental friendly and tasteful lifestyle, and raise the brand to a higher value level





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