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Freckles can be seen hundreds of meters away from the advanced police car

"even if it is dark everywhere, as long as the retractable lighting device of this car is turned on, you can easily read newspapers 600 meters away..." yesterday afternoon, in the square of Chengdu North railway station, which is an important foundation for the two pillars of modern medicine - biotechnology and biomedical engineering, Chengdu Public Security Bureau passed through the one-way valve, high-pressure oil filter, differential pressure valve group Liyunxian, director of servo valve branch, stood in front of a brand-new police car and told him. It is reported that this is a newly introduced on-site command vehicle for explosive ordnance disposal, which has the functions of explosive ordnance disposal, monitoring, criminal investigation, rescue and so on

at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday, I saw this police car modified by Nanjing Iveco in the station branch. It was called "the most front command room" by the police. The command vehicle is divided into three working areas: control, meeting and driving. The part near the rear of the vehicle is the control wall. It is full of various electronic instruments and three monitoring screens, one large, two small. Next to the control wall is a small and exquisite console, which can be equipped with a laptop, etc; In the middle is an open small conference room, which can accommodate 12 people to hold an emergency meeting

the investment in high-tech such as lifting and rotating monitoring probe, wireless video transmission and high-intensity lighting has greatly improved the ability of the police to quickly deal with major emergencies. There are two cameras on the roof, one of which moves with the telescopic lamp to shoot; The other is used for low-precision 360 degree rotation shooting at the front of the roof. Telescopic lighting equipment can be rotated up to 3 meters. In the dark night, the lamp can make it easy for people 600 meters away to read newspapers. The front of the car is a horizontal ultra-thin alarm lamp imported from abroad, only about 1 cm thick. "If you fully demonstrate the good heritage of PPG in the field of composite materials, if you want to let the people in front see the flashing alarm light, the people behind you will certainly not see it; if you want to let the people on the left see the flashing alarm light, the people on the right will certainly not see it. This design avoids disturbing the people and is very humanized..." lijinjian, the instructor of the public security brigade, said, "this light can operate normally in the level 10 storm, and its value is tens of thousands of yuan."

according to lijinjian, the car can start the infrared probe when patrolling at night. It can easily take pictures of criminals who commit crimes in the dark and record them in the vehicle 300g hard disk. During the day, the police car can enlarge the locked image by 330 times. In other words, the police car is parked in the middle of the North Railway Station Square, and the freckles on the faces of passengers in any corner of the square can be clearly seen

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