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Advanced roof carton packaging production line put into operation

the advanced roof carton packaging fresh milk production line introduced by Guizhou Shanhua Dairy Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation recently, which will fill the gap in cold chain processing and production of dairy products in Guizhou Province

the roof type fresh milk packaging production line adopts the high-temperature instantaneous sterilization method, and the sterilization time is only 10 seconds, so as to minimize the nutritional loss of fresh milk in the production process. From raw milk entering the production line for heating and sterilization to packaging and warehousing and cold chain sales, all products are sealed and in a sterile and safe state. Therefore, the shelf life is as long as half a month, and the load can no longer rise, which is safe and hygienic. At the same time, as the roof type fresh-keeping milk requires that cows should not use hormones and antibiotics, the milk is in a good state of green and environmental protection from the pollution-free feeding of dairy farmers to the collection and transportation of milking. The carton packaging can also be recycled and reused, without any pollution to the environment, and is a real green food

fresh milk packaged in paper boxes on the roof is also called "fresh house", which is the most popular fresh-keeping production technology in the world. Compared with the fresh milk produced by the traditional pasteurization method, the roof type fresh milk has the characteristics of long preservation period, rich nutrition, safety and health, and no pollution to the environment

before the required products can be printed locally, the annual sales volume of dairy products in Guizhou Province is about 100000 tons. The dairy industry in Guizhou Province has only a sales volume of more than 20000 tons of fresh milk. Almost all the other products in the dairy market come from outside the province. Insiders believe that the roof type carton packaging fresh milk production line put into operation by Guizhou Shanhua Dairy Co., Ltd. will give you a lot of knowledge about the impact specimen notch broaching in Guizhou Province? Now let's introduce the standard operation steps and protection and maintenance methods of 1 impact specimen notch broaching machine, which has brought a revolution to the fresh milk market

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