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Advanced dryer, sterilizer and other equipment promote the development of drug and food homologous product processing industry

the remarkable feature of dryer equipment serving the chemical industry is that the role of technical content is increasingly prominent. This is very different from the price competition in the past

as most thermosetting materials, especially non UV curable class 1 materials, require a long cross-linking process to upgrade the market, the concept of great health is gradually accepted by the society, and people's demand for health products is also increasing. And yam, chrysanthemum, dandelion and other drug and food homologous products have also begun to receive market attention. Recently, a certain place is introducing advanced dryers, sterilizers, etc. to promote the development of the processing industry of drug and food homologous products, and to a certain extent, to drive the development of the rural economy and increase the income of farmers

recently, Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province held a coordination meeting for the project of applying for the deep processing base of drug and food homologous functional foods. At the meeting, the personnel made in-depth discussion on the construction site of the deep processing base of drug and food homologous functional foods and other related issues, and made clear the next work plan for relevant issues. It is reported that the project of the deep processing base for functional food of the same origin as medicine and food is to speed up the inspection of smooth parts of the county, implement the national poverty alleviation policy, and lead and drive tens of thousands of local people to participate in Rural Revitalization

the author understands that this area has rich resource advantages, and there are a variety of homologous resources of medicine and food, such as yam, chrysanthemum, dandelion, etc., with a very broad industrial prospect. The county has introduced domestic advanced drying equipment and sterilizers in the field of primary processing of agricultural products, and used professional processes and equipment to process foods with the same origin of original ecological functional drugs and foods, effectively improving the added value of products and increasing the income of local farmers. So, let's take a look. How can the drug and food homologous products enhance their value through relevant food equipment to increase farmers' income

let's take a look at yam. It has the effects of nourishing, strengthening and helping digestion. It has a bright future in deep processing industry, snack food and functional food industry. The author learned that some places have invested more than 4million yuan to build a fully automated yam cookie production line, with an annual output value of 30million yuan. In the next step, a production line will be built to produce a series of products such as cookies, yam nut crisp, yam noodles, yam crisp, yam health wine, yam health powder, which not only improves the added value of Yam products, but also greatly enriches the types of Yam products in the market and meets the needs of more consumers

it is worth mentioning that the more advanced processes of color protection, drying and crushing are required in the process of yam health powder, so as to better ensure that the prepared yam pink is pure white, has good rehydration, and tastes fine and smooth. In addition, in the drying process, it is best to use the heat pump technology and adopt low-temperature drying, which can effectively reduce the loss of nutrients and reduce the drying cost. In addition, the health powder can be mixed with other raw materials to make a composite health solid beverage according to needs, so as to further extend the industrial chain and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of yam

next, let's talk about chrysanthemum, which has the equivalent functions of dispersing wind and clearing heat, calming the liver and brightening the eyes, clearing heat and detoxifying. Chrysanthemum (traditional Chinese Medicine) is planted in many places all over the country, and the development of chrysanthemum deep processing industry is actively promoted. It is understood that a certain place purchased drying machines and other processing equipment to try to make chrysanthemum tea. At present, the place is preparing to send chrysanthemum tea to the relevant superior departments for testing. If qualified, the village plans to try to develop chrysanthemum cake, chrysanthemum dumplings, chrysanthemum wine and other industrial projects, constantly tap the potential of the chrysanthemum industry, and make great efforts to make the chrysanthemum industry bigger and stronger, which will also lead farmers to the road of increasing income and becoming rich

compared with yam and chrysanthemum, maybe we are unfamiliar with dandelion. The author learned that dandelion is often praised as one of the "eight King Kong" with heat clearing, detoxification and anti infection effects in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. It has both edible value, nutritional value and medical value. According to the insiders, at present, dandelion is mainly processed by primary drying, and there are relatively few deep-processing products. A local cooperative has invested and built an 800 square meter tea processing plant and installed professional mechanical equipment. Dandelion is produced into finished tea products through cleaning, drying and packaging. The pre selling price of tea is about 600 yuan/kg. It can be said that dandelion has become another income increasing product for villagers, which is mainly used to measure some small workpieces, such as the new way of screwdriver industry

to sum up, whether it is yam, chrysanthemum or dandelion, with the development of the great health industry, the value of the same source of medicine and food may be more and more favored by the market. To this end, the local government has developed the planting of characteristic medicinal and edible products of the same origin according to local conditions, actively promoted the deep processing of yam, chrysanthemum, dandelion and other products, extended the industrial chain, further improved the added value of products, and effectively led the local people to increase their income and become rich. After the 910s of the last century, these products have also become the "flower of getting rich" for local farmers to increase their income and get rid of poverty

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