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Zhejiang has developed advanced ammonia synthesis catalyst

Zhejiang has developed advanced ammonia synthesis catalyst

May 2, 2001

Xinhua news agency information. Liuhuazhang, a researcher at Zhejiang University of technology, and others have successfully researched and developed ZA-5 low temperature and low pressure ammonia

synthesis catalyst. The technical route has no precedent at home and abroad, and the technical level occupies an international leading position. Recently, they won the first prize of Zhejiang province 2000 science and technology progress award

according to the introduction, the project has been started and won the invention patent rights in the United States and China. It is an original high-tech achievement with independent intellectual property rights in China. Compared with the most advanced A310 catalyst at home and abroad and ici74-1 catalyst in Britain, az-5 low temperature and low pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst has the characteristics of high activity, low activity temperature, easy reduction, good heat resistance and toxicity resistance, high mechanical strength and low production cost. It is especially suitable for low pressure ammonia synthesis

this catalyst has remarkable energy-saving effect and economic benefit. Industrial application can reduce the reduction temperature by 1

5-25 ℃, shorten the reduction time by 1-2 days, increase the production capacity by 10-20%, increase the net ammonia value by 1

2 percentage points, and try to reduce the operation pressure of 2-3mpa and the operation temperature by 15-35 ℃. At present, it has been applied in several

ten synthetic ammonia plants nationwide, with a cumulative new output value of 570million yuan, a new profit and tax of 170million yuan, and a coal saving of 22.7


70000 tons among the major domestic carbon fiber precursor manufacturers. According to the calculation of insiders, if it can be widely applied in the national synthetic ammonia plants, it can increase the output of synthetic ammonia by 1

500000 tons per year, increase the output value by more than 2 billion yuan from 32.19% of 0 to 700.86% of 100 shares, and save more than 1 million tons of coal, which is equivalent to building five large

synthetic ammonia plants of 300000 tons. The application prospect is very broad

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