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Apple's advantages in the printing industry

the driving force for the development of the printing industry comes from the needs of end printing users. The full digitalization and networking workflow came into being with the new needs of the printing industry. The key lies in the optimization of the whole process of pre press processing, printing production and post press processing. The digitalization and integrated control software can automatically obtain the experimental data of elastic modulus, static bending strength, internal bonding strength, surface bonding strength and bonding strength

the whole process is the integration of various supporting equipment, including input equipment, image processing and typesetting computer, color management equipment, proofing equipment and printing equipment, as well as software, including application software and system software

Apple computer is a standard control platform in the whole digital printing process. The production system based on Apple Computer powermac G4 completes the production and typesetting of images and graphics, completes the data conversion of color space through apple computer and apple computer color management module colorsync, and finally outputs it to printing and printing equipment. Apple computer will play an important role in shaping the future of the industry with the determination, confidence and perspective of these young people for sustainable development. It is very good that the printing or printing format is postscript with impurity content less than 1%. It has become the de facto industrial standard of digital prepress technology. The new generation of workflow is moving towards electronic publishing and developing PDF (portable document format) portable document format, The same document can be applied to different output devices, such as digital proofing, film output, direct plate making, digital printing, web browsing, etc

the high productivity, stability and ease of use required by printing enterprises are well reflected in Apple computers. The latest generation of Apple computers has undergone tremendous changes in computer hardware, operating system and application programs

the latest generation of power MAC G4 series of apple computer, combined with the XServe high-performance operating system architecture of apple computer, provides extremely powerful computing power. It can also be equipped with dual CPUs to meet the high efficiency and high performance required by printing production. Most importantly, Apple also has the best overall performance

mac OS X operating system is completely based on UNIX. UNIX operating system has high performance and stability, such as multi threading, preemptive multitasking, memory protection and other advanced features. It is the core business application platform for telecommunications, banks and large enterprises. Now, Mac OS X perfectly combines the powerful features of UNIX with the consistent easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface of apple computer, and has launched a breakthrough quartz extreme technology - a technology that combines OpenGL with the advanced graphics card functions on power MAC G4, making a leap in the efficiency of power MAC G4 in image processing, drawing and typesetting. Quartz extreme computes anti aliased text, bitmaps, and vector graphics in a device independent, resolution independent manner. It can store and print transparent and Preview PDF files. In addition, Mac OS X has added more high-quality fonts to the already beautiful font library. On the new Apple computer platform, it can easily meet the needs of multi language publishing

in the digital process, the color management system has software and equipment for color correction (spectrophotometer), and application software supporting color management (such as Photoshop, InDesign of various waste metals, QuarkXPress, etc.). Colorsync is a system level color management module of apple computer, which completes the color space conversion of each pixel between different devices according to the characteristic file, so as to ensure that each pixel processed by Apple Computer quartz can be managed from beginning to end

Apple flat panel LCD will not be subject to color deviation due to heat, moisture or electromagnetic interference. Users can also use color correctors such as GretagMacbeth ione to create special colorsync color description documents. The apple cinema display family has been selected by ICs as the standard equipment of the company's remote director 2.0 system

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